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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 767 Sense of Crisis

Summer paused for a moment and walked towards Leonardo's car.

She saw that there was no one in the front seat, so she pulled open the back door and sat in.

After Summer sat in, she did not look at Leonardo and said indifferently, "Hurry up. I still have something to do."

Leonardo seemed to have changed his posture as she felt the back of her seat tremble slightly.

Then, Leonardo's deep voice slowly rang out in the car, "Why didn't you inquire about the lawyer’s background when you sought legal advice? You still daydream of relying on Trevin, such a lousy lawyer to win a lawsuit against me, right?"

"I need to correct you. I'm not daydreaming. I trust him. I believe that Trevin will definitely win this lawsuit." Summer knew that Leonardo had most likely received a summons from the court.

"Blind trust, blind emotion!" His short reply revealed an inexplicable sense of helplessness.

Summer turned around to look at Leonardo, only to see his cold side face and slightly pursed lips.

She chuckled, "You are worried that I will lose the case, aren't you? I didn't expect you to care so much about me up until now."

Leonardo turned his head to look at her with a cold expression, "As your ex-husband, I just don't want you to lose too much."

Summer was stuck for words and bit the corner of her lips. She said in an angry tone, "That's my business. It has nothing to do with you."

After she finished speaking, she pulled open the door and got out of the car, slamming the door hard.

Tim came back not long after Summer left.

He was not far away. When Summer got off the car, the sound of the car door slamming was a bit loud. So, he saw her leave.

Tim glanced into the rearview mirror and saw Leonardo sit by the window and look out of the window. He didn't know what Leonardo was thinking, but the brooding silence in the car revealed that Leonardo was in a bad mood.

"Mr. Emerson, did you tell Mrs. Emerson about Trevin? I have investigated Trevin. He was not completely unqualified. He helped people win many lawsuits when he was at school. However, he quitted his job as a lawyer since he indulged himself in dissipation."

Leonardo turned around to look at him, his eyes darkened terrifyingly. Tim involuntarily shuddered and fell silent.

Leonardo had asked him to investigate Trevin's background, so he guessed that Leonardo came to tell Summer about Trevin.

He felt that Leonardo did not like the lawyer Trevin. However, based on his experience, he thought that Trevin might not be that incompetent.copy right hot novel pub