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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 766 Mr. Emerson Wants to See You

Summer saw Jessica coming over in her wheelchair. She hurriedly brought Rosie over and supported Jessica's wheelchair. She whispered, "You don't need to come out."

"How can I see this if I don't come out...?" Jessica lowered her voice and looked in Summer’s direction, while glancing from the corner of her eye at Leonardo and Amber on the other side.

After she finished speaking, she noticed that Rosie was also here and cried out in surprise, "Oh, Rosie."

"Auntie Jessica." Rosie obediently addressed her. Her gaze landed on Jessica's leg, which was covered in plaster. She asked curiously, "Do you feel any pain?"

Jessica touched her face and shook her head with a smile, "It doesn't hurt."

Hearing this, Rosie reached out her hand and carefully touched her plaster-covered leg. Then, she raised her head to see Jessica’s reaction.

Jessica couldn't help laughing. She held Rosie's hand to lightly knock on her leg and said, "It really doesn't hurt. It's wrapped up. My leg inside won’t be knocked."

Rosie looked at it curiously and did not reach out to knock. She only giggled.

Amber remembered in the coffee shop that day, Leonardo had asked her a few times if she had done something. Now that she saw Jessica, she felt a little guilty.

"Leonardo, let's go. Do you want to take Rosie with you?" Amber's voice attracted Jessica's attention.

Jessica smiled at Rosie and gently pushed her to Summer. She patted her head and then looked at Amber. "Oh, Miss Amber, you have a broken leg. Why do you have to worry about other people's child? Mind your own business since you're old. Otherwise, you will get older faster."

Summer whispered her name, "Jessica."

Jessica continued to stare at Amber as if she hadn't heard it.

Amber was very angry at Jessica's words. Very few people dared to speak ill of her in front of her. Moreover, after she was with Leonardo, she was held in higher esteem and no one dared to treat her like this.

Suppressing her anger, Amber said, "Miss, may I ask if I have offended you in any way? Please watch your mouth."

Since Amber could bribe someone to intentionally injure Jessica, it was impossible for her not to know Jessica.copy right hot novel pub