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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 765 Don't Remember

Leonardo took out his phone and glanced at it. The name "Amber" on the screen made him reluctant to answer the call. So he just threw it aside casually.

He originally planned to put out the cigarette, yet now he continued smoking until there was only a butt left. Then he pressed it on the ashtray.

After that, Leonardo reached out to pick up the phone he had thrown away earlier. Just as he picked it up, another call came in. It was still Amber.

Leonardo answered it expressionlessly. He did not say a word and just waited for her to speak up first.

"Why didn't you answer my phone?" Amber asked reproachfully.

"I was in a meeting." Leonardo didn't even blink his eyes as he lied, without changing his expression.

Yet, Amber's anger dissipated a little, and her tone softened, too. She said in an aggrieved manner, "Leonardo, I had an accident today in the wedding dress store..."

Leonardo turned on the speaker, walked to his desk holding his phone in hand and sat down. Then he put his phone on the desk, looking careless.

After a while, when Amber finished speaking, he added indifferently, "I still have several meetings today. I will go to the hospital to see you after work."

Actually, Amber wanted him to come and see her now and comfort her. But since Leonardo said he still had several meetings, she could only pretend to be tolerant and waited for him to come to see her at night.

But the words were already on the tip of her tongue and she was slightly unwilling to just give in, "You only focus on work! Which one is more important, me or your work? If you were with me today in the wedding dress store, maybe I wouldn't get hurt at all."

The corner of Leonardo's eye twitched slightly, and his tone remained the same. "You are important, and so is my work. But you're more important."

Amber said so much just to hear something nice from Leonardo. Leonardo's words were exactly what she wanted. There was already a trace of smile in her voice, "I know. Take care of yourself."

"Get some rest." Leonardo's fingers tapped on the desk slowly and rhythmically. Obviously, he had run out of patience.

When Summer got back home, she mulled over what just happened and felt that Bruce was somewhat strange.

It wasn't the only eccentricity that he helped her deal with Amber. Everything seemed to be odd since he showed up here at the beginning. And he even agreed to be her bodyguard.

But Summer couldn't tell why in particular.

And the thing about Trevin now echoed in her mind again.copy right hot novel pub