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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 763 Give Him a Child

Originally, Summer didn't want to respond to Trevin, but when she looked up and met his somewhat disappointed gaze, she still asked, "Why?"

"My mother died during her delivery to me. And my father had always been very busy. So basically, I had eaten alone at home every day when I was little. Later, I went to high school and moved out. After that, I've been eating outside. If my father, by chance, remembered that he still has a son on holidays or whatever, he would also call me to go back and have a meal with him." Trevin sounded very calm, but his eyes betrayed him.

His eyes were filled with regrets, disappointment, and unwillingness.

Perhaps he was disappointed with his father, Lester Wolf, or perhaps he was disappointed with himself.

Summer couldn't guess it, but she grasped the key point, "You don't get along well with your father?"

"He has so many adopted sons, and all of them are better than me. Like Stanley..." Trevin sneered disdainfully, as if he didn't want to continue. "In short, all of his adopted sons are excellent, not his own son."

Hearing this, Summer paused for a moment, then put the last box into the bag. She asked, "Is this why you and Stanley are at odds? Just because he is too outstanding?"

"What do you think?" Trevin glanced at her.

"I don't think you're jealous of Stanley. You're jealous that your father has spent so much effort on him. Of all your father's adopted sons, Stanley must be the most outstanding one and the one that your father has spent most efforts to raise up." Summer slowly said after some analysis.

Trevin's gaze turned cold, "Summer, it seems that you're very imaginative."

Summer's gaze shifted downwards and found that Trevin had slightly tightened his grip on the armrest of the chair. This showed that he was nervous for being seen through.

She guessed what Trevin was thinking, but he still refused to admit it.

Summer didn't lay bare his secret but replied: "Don't you know I'm a screenwriter? Screenwriters are rich in imagination and emotion."

Although Trevin was straightforward, he was not an idiot. How could he not know that Summer was simply humoring him and giving him an out?

He stared at her for a few seconds before saying faintly, "Earlier, Stanley reminded me to stay away from you."

Summer was a little surprised, "Why?"

When Trevin heard Stanley's words before, he only thought that Stanley didn't want him to get close to Summer because Stanley was in love with her.

However, the more he got along with Summer, the more he understood that there was a reason why Stanley didn't want him to get close to Summer.

After she cleaned up the table, Summer took out the documents she had sorted out and began to discuss the lawsuit with Trevin.

Trevin flipped through the documents Summer prepared, "These are the information you sifted out about Leonardo?"

"Yes.copy right hot novel pub