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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 762 Incredibly Considerate

Bruce had never been threatened like this. Although he was a little pissed, he could only suppress himself.

He took a deep breath and said, "I think Ms. Summer would prefer to do it herself."

Leonardo only replied shortly, "She doesn't need to get involved in these dirty businesses."

"Are you saying that I just deserve to do these things?" Bruce truly found Leonardo a strange guy. He was never soft when he threatened and exploited others. As long as he could achieve his goals, he could be as ruthless as possible. But he was so considerate towards Summer, which was absolutely incredible.

"You should check it in your memory. I've told you, you can choose not to do it." Leonardo's tone was still calm.

Even though Bruce had seen countless people, he was still shocked by Leonardo's shamelessness.

He was so vexed that he immediately hung up the phone and kicked over the trash can beside him.

Leonardo, though, wasn't angry that Bruce just hung up his phone. He simply put his phone aside and looked at the computer screen calmly.

The next day, Summer woke up early and drove to Trevin's place.

Yesterday, she cancelled the appointment with Trevin because of Jessica, and he was a little mad at her.

Summer first bought some breakfast at a store, then went to visit Trevin with the documents she sorted out last night.

Trevin and Jessica lived in the same neighborhood, and Summer had been here a few times before. She had to call Trevin when she got there and asked him to come downstairs to pick her up.

Trevin hadn't woken up yet. Summer called him several times before he slowly picked up the phone.

"Are you up? Could you pick me up at the gate?"

Trevin had just woken up and was still in a daze, yet when he heard that Summer was at the gate of the neighborhood, he instantly jumped out of bed, "You're at the gate of the neighborhood? I'll be down there in a second. Wait for me ..." As soon as he finished the sentence, he hung up the phone.

Summer thought that Trevin still needed to wash up and change his clothes before coming down. However, Trevin arrived very soon.

He simply grabbed a trench coat and came to her with slippers on his feet and his hair messy like a bird's nest.

Although Summer had seen how messy and dirty Trevin's apartment was, every time they met each other, Trevin always looked neat and clean like a noble man. This was the first time she had seen him so down-to-earth.

Summer stared at him blankly, "You..."

Trevin hurried to her, "Come in, hurry up.copy right hot novel pub