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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 760 She Got Injured Because of Me

Summer looked down at her fingers absent-mindedly.

In the coffee shop, Leonardo stood out to protect Amber without hesitation. The scene stuck in Summer's mind, and she felt upset.

"I really don't know what Leonardo is thinking. Amber is...."

While Carl was complaining, Summer was distracted and had no mood to listen to him.

Carl didn't stop talking until he noticed that Summer zoned out. He waved his hand in front of Summer. Summer came back to her senses and looked at Carl blankly, "What's wrong?"

"What are you thinking now? You didn't hear me?" Carl tilted his head and scrutinized Summer's face.

Summer pondered for a moment and sighed slightly, "Amber hurt Jessica since she hates my guts. It's because of me that Jessica got injured."

"Don't blame yourself. It has nothing to do with you," as Carl said, he became furious, "It's all Leonardo's fault, getting engaged with Amber...."

When Leonardo lost his memory, Amber considered herself as Leonardo's fiancée. Based on his prior experiences, Carl could tell what kind of woman Amber was from her behavior clearly. Since then, Carl didn't like her.

Summer frowned slightly. At last, it led to conflict between Carl and Leonardo.

At this time, Carl's phone rang.

Although Summer didn't know what the person on the other end had said, she knew it was an important thing as Carl's voice turned cold. He spoke, "Really? I'll be right over."

After hanging up, Carl explained to Summer when seeing her expression, "They've found the staff who was bribed by Amber."

"Let's go," he wore a malicious smile.

Carl and Summer went over by car. The car at last stopped in an underground garage.

A skinny man, who had the jitters, was watched over by two of Carl's subordinates.

As soon as his subordinates saw him, they greeted him, "Mr. Carl."

Carl walked straight to the thin man with a malicious smile. He reached out and softly patted the man's face. As if he was not angry at all, he said in a gentle voice, "Do you know me?"

"Yes...." due to his work, the staff had to interact with people from the entertainment industry in the long term. So, he naturally knew Carl.copy right hot novel pub