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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 758 You Believe Her or Me?

When Summer could hardly stand anymore, she stared at Amber and said fiercely, "You have to pay for what you have done!"

After saying that, she stood up and was about to leave.

Just as she stood up, Leonardo grabbed her arm and said, "What happened? Why don't you make it clear at once?"

"Let go of me!" Summer looked down, avoiding to see Leonardo's expression.

Although Leonardo and Amber had been together for so long, it was the first time that Leonardo had stood up for Amber. Summer found it ridiculous.

All of a sudden, a familiar male voice sounded.

"Leonardo, what are you doing? You're a man. How could you bully Summer?"

Hearing him, Summer looked up and saw Carl walking over. Although he looked unconcern, he gazed directly into Leonardo's eyes.

"Carl, you...." Summer was a little surprised. Why was Carl here?

After they spilt up, she watched Carl leave from the other side.

Carl only said, "I followed you here."

Summer realized that Carl had been aware that something was wrong from her expression when they investigated the scene. He said he was going to check if there were videos and photos, but in fact he followed her and came here.

Since she and Amber sat by the window, Carl would have been watching from outside for a long time if he followed her all the way here. Naturally, he had seen her slapped Amber....

For some reason, Summer did not want to argue with Amber in front of Leonardo. She had planned to deal with Amber later.

However, Carl had known that it was Amber who put Jessica in danger. Since Jessica was important to him, he would not let Amber off easily.

Carl reached out to grab Leonardo's wrist and said with a smile, "Leonardo, you have divorced Summer a long time ago. It's not appropriate to be intimate with her in front of your fiancée, right? She will be jealous."

Carl held Leonardo's hand tightly and turned to look at Amber, "Miss Amber, am I right?"

Amber knew that Carl was the president of Tip Top Media Company. But she did not know that Leonardo was also the founder of it, nor did she know the relationship between Carl and Jessica.

In her mind, Tip Top Media Company was no match for the Emerson Group. So, she was not afraid of Carl at all.

She glanced at Carl and then fixed her eyes on Leonardo. She smiled and said, "Leonardo can handle it. He is angry at Ms.copy right hot novel pub