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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 756 She Is Unlikely to Be Jealous by Others

Carl followed Summer's gaze and saw a few men in flat caps sneaking around and whispering.

"Don't be afraid of them!" Carl raised his eyebrows and walked straight towards the journalists.

Summer had no way but to follow him.

As Carl approached, the journalists who were talking happened to look up. One of them whispered to his companions, "Mr. Carl from Tip Top Media Company...."

Carl pointed at their cameras with his chin, asking, "What did you get?"

One of the journalists replied, "We didn't get anything. We just arrived. Now, all the major media are desperate to find out why Jessica was injured."

As they knew nothing about the accident, Carl didn't ask any further and turned around. All of a sudden, there came a camera shutter clicking from behind him.

Carl turned to look at Summer, and Summer whispered, "They're taking pictures of me."

Carl walked to the man who took the shot and slapped him on the head. He scolded, "What are you doing? How dare you shoot her? You don't want to be a journalist anymore, do you?"

"I ... I didn't take anything. I'll delete them immediately," the journalist said in fear, his face pale and his hands trembling, he began to delete the pictures.

Tip Top Media Company was a leading enterprise in the entertainment industry. If Carl wanted to block him, a journalist, to work in the industry, it would be as easy as pie. The journalist couldn't afford to annoy him.

Carl patted the journalist's shoulder and looked into his eyes, saying, "Delete all of them, OK?"

The journalist nodded repeatedly, "I know!"

Then, Carl turned to Summer and said, "Let's go."

Summer followed him and walked to the place where Jessica was injured.

The staff inside saw them and wanted to stop them.

However, Carl opened his eyes wide and said, "I am Carl, from Tip Top Media Company. How dare you stop me?"

"Mr. Carl...." although the staff dreaded to stop him, they did not intend to let Carl in easily.

But before they finished speaking, Carl had made his way through them.copy right hot novel pub