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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 755 There Are Reporters

Jessica's agent seemed to be implying something. Summer looked at her in surprise and asked, "Did other people working with this organizer ever have any accident like this?"

The agent shook her head. "Never. The organizer is famous for its professionalism, and it respects artists."

Summer frowned more. She got closer to the agent and said in a low voice, "Do you suspect that someone is behind this?"

The agent fell silent, and Summer took it as a yes. Summer got serious. "Has Jessica offended anyone recently?"

"No. She has just finished filming the last drama. The next drama hasn't started filming yet. She went to some events we previously agreed on. She hasn't offended anyone recently." The agent was well up in all Jessica's schedule and interpersonal relationship. Summer believed that she was telling the truth.

Since the agent said so, it meant that she was skeptical about the accident.

Summer said, "Where did Jessica go for the event? Could you give me the address, please?"

"Alright." The agent told an address, and Summer wrote it down.

Before leaving, Summer added, "Don't tell Jessica about this. Let her rest well."

The agent nodded, "I know."

Before Summer left, she went to Jessica's attending doctor. After she was ensured that Jessica would get well with a good rest, she left at ease.

Just as she left the hospital, her phone rang.As she walked towards the parking lot, she took out her phone.

When she saw who was calling, Summer paused for a moment before she laughed and picked up the phone.

Summer said teasingly, "Mr. Carl, why do you suddenly call me?"

Carl knew she was teasing him, but he didn't mind, asking directly, "Summer, did you go to see Jessica? How is she?" He sounded anxious. He had been caring about Jessica.

The more anxious he got, the more Summer liked to keep him in suspense. She said indifferently, "Why don't you go and see how she is?"

"Summer, I know you're the best. Don't do this to me..." Carl began to softly plead with her.copy right hot novel pub