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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 753 Why Should I Leave Him?

The place where Summer lived, the Emerson Group, and Leonardo's house were all on the same way. It was normal for Tim to make such a request.

Summer did not think too much, directly nodding, "Alright."

She had known Tim for a few years. She trusted him because she thought he was always upright and calm.

Tim looked down to conceal the guilt in his eyes, saying, "Thank you, Ms. Summer."

"You are welcome. I got sick at home the other day, and if it were not for you and your wife..." Summer turned to look at Rosie, breaking off. She did not want the kid to know what had happened. If it weren't for Tim and Violet, she might have died of illness at home.

To avoid misunderstanding, Tim nodded without saying anything else. He opened the car door and got in the driver's seat.

Summer took Rosie to the back seat and gave the car key to Tim.

When they arrived at gate of Summer's place, she got out of the car with Rosie. Tim drove away in her car.

When they got out of the car, they met Bruce, who went shopping in a convenience store.

Bruce didn't seem to go out a lot. He went shopping at convenience stores instead of supermarkets.

Summer recalled that Bruce came to her the other day, so she pointed at him and asked Rosie, "Do you remember who he is? Call him loudly and see if he will answer you."

"I remember him." Rosie put her hands on her mouth and made a trumpet, shouting, "Uncle Bruce."

Bruce abruptly looked back over his shoulder and stared at the mother and daughter for a few seconds. He looked away and took a lollipop, pointing at Rosie.

Rosie immediately understood. She turned to smile at Summer. "Uncle Bruce asks me to get the lollipop!"

Feeling that Rosie was dragging her to run towards Bruce, Summer started to worry that the kid would be tricked away by sweets, so she deliberately poured cold water on her enthusiasm. "Perhaps he is teasing you.copy right hot novel pub