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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 751 Could It Be His Sister?

As she spoke, Summer pulled over at the roadside of the road. Karen calmed down a bit and asked, "Don't you know where Vicky is?"

Summer got impatient and snapped in a low voice, "Get out of the car!"

A glimmer of hope appeared on Karen's face. She not only stayed in the car, but leaned over and grabbed Summer's arm, asking in an agitated tone, "Why do you ask me to get out of the car instead of answering my question? Do you know where Vicky is?"

Vicky! Vicky again!

Summer clenched her fists tightly and relaxed them. She coldly shook off Karen's hands and fixed her eyes on her, emphasizing every word, "Please get out of the car now!"

Karen paused. She was intimidated and shocked by Summer.

"You ask me ... to get out of the car?" She looked at Summer in disbelief. She could not believe Summer had said these words.

Without blinking, Summer looked at Karen with coldness. "Is there a third person in the car?"

Karen's lips moved, but she couldn't speak.

Suddenly, she seemed to recall something and grabbed Summer's arm, saying, "Stanley goes to a sanatorium in the suburbs once a week. Is he hiding Vicky there?"

Summer was about to drive her out of the car, but she paused when she heard this.

She looked at Karen and asked, "A sanatorium?"

Karen immediately replied, "Yes, he goes to the sanatorium in the suburbs once a week. Sometimes he stays there for half a day, sometimes for a day. Every time he goes, he takes a bouquet of flowers."

"A bouquet of flowers?" Summer pursed her lips coldly. "Do you think Stanley would bring a bouquet of flowers to see Vicky?"

Karen shook her head solemnly and said, "I don't mean that. I have a feeling that Vicky might be inside."

"If she's inside, you can go look for her." Summer pulled her arm out of Karen's hands.

Karen muttered, "The security of the sanatorium is tight. Visitors have to register and have their faces verified. It's impossible to sneak inside!"

Summer was startled. A sanatorium with such tight security didn't look like an ordinary sanatorium.

If Karen was not lying, then Stanley must be taking a bouquet of flowers to visit someone at the sanatorium every week. It was very likely that he was visiting a woman, who couldn't be Vicky.

Stanley was not any ordinary man, nor was he a romantic man. Was it a normal that he took flowers with him in the visit?

He visited every week with a bouquet of flowers, which could stay bright in a vase for a week if well taken care of.copy right hot novel pub