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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 750 Please Don't Follow Me Anymore

Summer looked at Trevin with a faint smile and walked out.

Just as Trevin was about to follow her, Stanley walked towards Trevin and said in a serious tone, "Call me if you need psychological therapy someday. I'll spare some time for you."

Knowing that Stanley was trying to piss him off, Trevin was so angry that the corner of his eyes twitched. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Go away!"

Stanley didn't mind. He raised his eyebrows, walking past Trevin.

Summer had already walked away. Before she passed by Leonardo's car, Leonardo had started it.

Summer continued walking without looking at Leonardo. Then, she got into her car.

When Trevin and Stanley came out, she had already started her car and was ready to leave.

"Summer, are you leaving now?" Trevin knocked on the window of Summer's car.

Summer nodded and drove away.

Trevin had no choice but to drive his own car. To Trevin's surprise, Stanley got into the passenger seat from the other side right after he sat in the driver's seat.

Trevin looked at Stanley with an unhappy face and said without trying to be polite, "Stanley, you are not allowed to sit here."

"Give me a ride. Thank you." Stanley said, pretending that he didn't hear Trevin's words.

Trevin didn't start the car. He just said two words, "Get out."

Stanley didn't say or do anything.

Trevin was not so patient as Stanley was, so he started the car. It was like an uncontrollable cow, rampaging on the road and leading to sounds of horns.

Stanley fastened his seat belt with a calm face. His voice was steady, "I'm not afraid of death. You can do whatever you want."

Trevin couldn't rival Stanley for patience.

Although feeling indignant, Trevin slowed down the car.

After the car stabilized, Stanley said again, "Leonardo is a ruthless person. He's different from me. If you dare to mess with him, he will show you no mercy."

Trevin had heard this kind of advice from Stanley many times.copy right hot novel pub