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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 749 Paranoia

Not looking at each other, they grabbed their coats and stood up.

Summer immediately walked out.

When paying the bill, Summer met Amber.

This was the first time Summer had seen her since she left the cast.

It was March. Amber was in a light gray long-sleeved dress with high heels. She looked elegant, delicate and different from others.

Summer wore a loose smog-blue pullover. Her white dress was to her calves. She looked fresh in the two simple colors.

Both of them stood in front of the counter, side by side. They both looked fantastic and they were of the same height. The two cashiers serving them exchanged looks.

Summer did not say anything. She waited for the cashier to return her card, then she just walked away.

From the beginning to the end, Summer did not look at Amber. She looked calm and indifferent, as if Amber was just a stranger.

However, Summer had seen Amber before she got close. She just pretended not to see her.

Summer walked slowly, and the sound of high heels came from behind. The frequency of the sound sped up and Amber reached her side. They went in the elevator and then went out together.

Summer saw from the corner of her eyes that Amber was walking beside her with the same pace.

After a while, Amber realized Summer had no intention to speak, then she said casually, "Summer, it's been a month since we last met. You got yourself two escorts, huh?"

Summer curled up her lips and sneered, "Looks like your life isn't going well. You are getting married, aren't you? Why do you care so much about me rather than your husband? Could it be that you don't love Leonardo, but me?"

Amber was speechless.

Summer was articulate.copy right hot novel pub