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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 741 Feel Guilty

Having a sip of the juice, he said, "You look so beautiful when smiling. You should smile more often... Oh!"

"What the hell is the juice?" Trevin shouted with his eyes widened, "Didn't I say I wanted juice of sweet fruit?"

Summer maintained a poker face, saying, "No fruits are absolutely sweet. They're sweet, yet sour. Strawberries taste sweet and slightly sour and they're good for health. And it's seasonal."

Trevin frowned, "But I like sweet fruits, absolutely sweet."

"My daughter also prefers sweet fruits." Summer looked up and said.

Trevin said nothing. He sipped at his juice reluctantly, but he felt it tasted sweeter and sweeter. So, he was taking gulps of his juice and half of the glass was empty. How childish Trevin was!

The cup of coffee Summer ordered was brought to her.

Having finished more than half of the strawberry juice, Trevin continued, "If the actual situation isn't taken into account, there'll be another advantage for you."

"What's it?"

"You don't have any other kid, so if Leonardo has another kid, you'll be given priority to get the custody. That will be your biggest advantage, if your conditions as well as Leonardo's aren't being considered."

Summer made no response after hearing that.

"You don't get it, do you?" Trevin repeated seriously, "I mean, as long as Leonardo has another kid, it's more likely that you'll get custody."

However, he denied it as soon as he finished. "But your conditions and that of Leonardo are miles apart. You won't overwhelm him. Even if he has another kid while you can't have a baby anymore, you still won't have a chance of getting custody."

Warren had also told Summer that she had no chance of winning a lawsuit against Leonardo. Although Trevin was always flippant, he did look serious when talking about the case, and his opinion was the same as Warren's.

Because of that, Summer trusted him more.

"I know the chance is slim. That's why I have to win." Summer said and sighed.

Trevin patted his chest, which looked a bit silly. "Don't worry. I will definitely try my best." He promised.

Trevin surprised Summer a bit.copy right hot novel pub