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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 740 He Was Kind of Cute

Summer thought that she'd better to get rid of Trevin as soon as possible, because she found him unreasonable.

She ignored Trevin and turned around to walk to her car. Trevin chased after her, "Summer! Stop right there!"

Summer directly pulled open the car door. However, as soon as she did that, Trevin caught up with her and quickly closed it.

Summer pursed her lips and opened the door with a long face again, but Trevin closed it right away.

They repeated twice and Summer became impatient. Soon after, Trevin's arm was hit by her fist.

Trevin dodged in time and Summer began to hit him with her elbow. Trevin was first surprised and then stopped her.

Summer quickly sidestepped and tried to give him a kick. Trevin dodged again, but he was slow and that made him a bit embarrassed.

"Summer, I have never seen such a ruthless woman like you!" After he dodged, he let out a long sigh of relief. If Summer had made it, he might die sonless.

"It's good that you know. Don't provoke me." Summer put on a long face. Trevin just got on her nerves.

Her temper was not bad. However, if someone provoked her, she knew how to make a retort and would definitely do it.

Trevin looked at her with a terrified expression and suddenly laughed, "I've never seen a woman like you before."

When he smiled, his eyes narrowed slightly. His smile now was sincere, not perfunctory and purposeful like before.

Summer was stunned for a moment and got in the car. She knew clearly that Trevin was a rogue young master. Although he was Lester's son and knew Stanley, it didn't mean that he knew something.

What Stanley said could make sense.

She thought it a sheer waste of time arguing with Trevin.

When Summer started the car, she looked out of the window. Trevin stood by the roadside and looked at her carefully.

Trevin was a playboy, but he was not bad. Otherwise, he would have treated her harshly just like what Logan had done before.

Summer remembered what he had said before. She suddenly stopped the car and lowered the window.copy right hot novel pub