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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 737 I'll Take Care of You

Rosie crawled to Summer, "Have you taken any medicine? You are sick, and pills can get you better."

Summer was going to stroke Rosie's head, but she found a needle in her hand. Only then did she notice the infusion bottle as well as Tim and Violet, who were walking to her.

She was even shocked, "Tim?"

Summer now completely regained her senses. She remembered what had happened. She fell in the bathroom when she was going to taking a bath.

Tim nodded slightly and said, "I heard 'Lost City 2' wrapped yesterday. Today I was on vacation and was going to take my wife out. I came by your house to see if you were home. I thought if you came back, you and Rosie could go out with us. But no one opened the door. We found someone to unlock the door ... only to find you faint in the bathroom."

"Is she your wife?" Summer looked at Violet curiously.

She had known Tim for so many years, but it was the first time she had met his wife.

"Hello, Ms. Summer. I'm Violet," She glanced at her infusion bottle and said, "It's almost finished. I'll prescribe another two bottles for you."

Summer asked, "Are you a doctor?"

Violet nodded, smiling. Then she pulled out the needle.

After figuring out the whole thing, Summer turned to Rosie.

She held Rosie in her arms, "Oh my little Rosie, let me see whether you gain more weight."

But Rosie was a little reluctant to her embrace, "Mom, I'm heavy. Don't hold me."

"It's fine. I can carry you no matter how heavy you are." Summer was still very weak because she had a fever and didn't eat breakfast. But when she saw Rosie, she became energetic as if she had got fully charged.

Rosie giggled. She touched Summer's face, blinking, "You look sick."

Summer didn't look well. Her eyes were lusterless; the lips were pale; her face wore a leaden hue.

Tim heaved a sigh of relief when seeing Summer cheer up and interact with Rosie. Fortunately, Rosie was with Summer, or she wouldn't believe the story he just made up.copy right hot novel pub