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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 736 Didn't Mention It to Anyone

Tim finally came to his senses.

Tim had always put Leonardo's orders first and said straight away, "I'm going right now."

After Tim left, only Leonardo and Violet were left in the room.

Violet was the same age as Tim, and Tim was two years older than Leonardo. So it was reasonable for Leonardo to speak to Violet politely.

But he was Leonardo.

However, Leonardo's idea was much simpler.

Leonardo asked Bruce to protect Summer because he had a deal with Bruce. Leonardo gave Tim orders because Tim was his subordinate, working with him rain or shine for nearly a decade, and it had been his habit to send Tim around.

Although Violet was Tim's wife, she had nothing to do with Leonardo. Leonardo was not a nice man, but he was not rude and unreasonable.

The room was awkwardly quiet. Violet thought for a moment and began a conversation about Summer. Violet said, "Ms. Summer seems to be a little depressed. She doesn't seem to be in a good mood recently."

Sure enough, Leonardo became serious again when it came to Summer's illness, "Will it aggravate Summer's illness?"

Violet only wanted to make conversation to avoid embarrassment. However, Leonardo was so solemn. Violet was a little nervous, straightened her back, and said seriously, "Yes, it will. It will be better if Ms. Summer can be always in a good mood."

Hearing Violet's words, Leonardo looked surlier.

Leonardo's expression was quite frightening. Seeing Leonardo like this, Violet did not dare to say anything more but could only sit and wait for Tim to take Rosie back.

Fortunately, Violet received a phone call from her colleague, who asked her about some professional matters.

Violet heaved a sigh of relief and said apologetically to Leonardo, "Mr. Emerson, I just have to take this call."

Leonardo only glanced at Violet. Violet got the point and got up to answer the phone.

After Violet answered the phone, she found that there was no one in the living room. Violet glanced in the direction of Summer's bedroom. Leonardo should have entered the room to check out Summer again.

Summer lived not far from Leonardo's villa, so Tim should be here soon.

Leonardo stood beside the bed and looked at the infusion bottle, which was half-empty. Summer should wake up soon.

Leonardo touched Summer's face tenderly and stroked her hand. Because of the infusion, Summer's hand was very cold. Leonardo held Summer's hand and warmed it for a while before putting it under the quilt. Then Leonardo left without looking back.

Violet was still waiting outside when Leonardo said to her, "Tell Tim that I have left when he brings Rosie here."

"Alright.copy right hot novel pub