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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 734 To Dress You

He found the clothes and turned back to the bed. He knelt on one knee and lifted the blanket.

Leonardo frowned and suppressed his restlessness. He helped Summer put on pajamas, slowly and gently.

Dazed, Summer was unwilling to be moved like this. She snorted in dissatisfaction, but her entire body was powerless and she could not open her eyes.

Leonardo paused for a moment. Then he lowered his head and kissed Summer on the forehead. He said softly, "I'm dressing you. Hold on a minute."

After he finished speaking, he frowned again. When he kissed Summer's forehead, he felt that it was so hot. He touched her forehead and it was indeed very hot.

Summer had been busy and stressful these days, which made her sick.

Leonardo didn't know if Summer heard him. She just didn't move until Leonardo dressed her.

Leonardo then touched her head and said softly, "Good girl," as if the one in front of him was Rosie.

Summer was indeed very obedient when she was sick. She would not talk to Leonardo so coldly, nor would she feel sad because of him.

However, she was still uncomfortable. She frowned slightly, and she could not sleep well.

Leonardo swallowed with difficulty. He felt so distressed. This feeling had wantonly spread all over his body. He went out to find the thermometer and put it under Summer's armpit. After taking the temperature, he went to get a wet towel and put it on Summer's forehead.

Mr. Emerson, who was once served by the servant with everything, was now very skilled when he did all this by himself and took care of Summer.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Leonardo still focused his gaze on Summer and took out his phone with one hand. Without even looking at the caller ID, he knew that it was Tim.

Just now, Leonardo suddenly ran out of the office. Tim didn't catch up with him so that he kept calling him. Leonardo turned off the ringtone before answering it.

"Mr. Emerson, you..copy right hot novel pub