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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 732 She Fell Asleep in the Car

Summer was good-looking and diligent. Besides, she didn't haggle over every ounce. In fact, several youngsters on the set liked her, but no one dared to show it.

Summer had experienced a lot in the past few years, so she seemed to be different from ordinary people. Even if a man had feeling for her, he dreaded to confess since she was way out of his league.

Summer went to the airport by car and only waited for half an hour to board the plane.

As it was a morning flight, there weren't many people and were lots of vacant seats in it.

After Summer got on the plane, she asked the flight attendant for a blanket. Sitting by the window, she looked out into the darkness, but could see nothing.

She had been busy over the past month. She didn't have time to think about custody until in midnight.

And there was no coverage about Leonardo and Amber’s wedding for now. Summer was thankful for it the most. There was still time.

Although Summer was exhausted physically and mentally, she leaned against the back of the chair and failed to sleep. She closed her eyes and found it useless. Then, she opened her eyes and lost in thought.

And two hours passed.

After the plane landed, Summer walked out of the airport with her luggage and got a call from Bruce.

Bruce had asked Summer to tell him if she returned from the set, but she forgot. Furthermore, since it probably would be inconvenient for him to stay there, she didn't let Bruce go with her.

A few days ago, he had called her to ask when she planned to return to Hoover City and said that he would pick her up.

Summer hadn't taken his words seriously at that time. To her surprise, Bruce called her right after she arrived in Hoover City. Did he guess that she would take this flight back?

Summer managed to have a free hand to answer the phone after putting the bag on the suitcase.

Before she uttered a word, she heard Bruce on the other end ask, "Ms. Summer, have you got off the plane?"

"How do you know that?" Summer asked as she walked.

It was nearly empty at the airport exit at three a.m. in the morning. Since it was cold, Summer drew her coat around her and gained speed to walk out.

"I called you an hour and a half ago and I couldn't get through. You told me that you won't return until after the wrap party. However, since you changed your mind and were in a hurry, you would take the latest flight.copy right hot novel pub