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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 731 Wrap

When Eliza learned that Summer had booked the six o'clock flight, she smiled and said, "I booked on the same flight. Let's go together later."

"Alright. I'm on my way to the airport. See you later."


Actually, Eliza called Summer yesterday and asked about her flight schedule. Summer was playing with Rosie at that time, so she hurriedly answered, "I've booked the flight." Then summer hung up the phone.

Summer arrived at the airport. Eliza arrived not long after.

Eliza sat down beside Summer, took off her bag and put it on her lap. Then Eliza asked probingly, "Do you know the matter?"

Summer glanced at Eliza and thought for a moment before asking, "You mean that Leonardo and Amber are getting married?"

"You knew it!" Eliza's voice was a little loud. Then, she deliberately lowered her voice and whispered, "Why do I think it is not true?"

Eliza had seen Leonardo and Summer together. Eliza felt that Leonardo behaved much differently when he was with Summer.

At least, in Eliza's eyes, when Summer and Leonardo were together, there was light in Leonardo's eyes. When he was with Amber, he looked cold and gloomy.

Summer did not know what Eliza was thinking about and said, "It's true."

"How do you know it's true?" Eliza tilted her head and asked, "Who said that?"

Summer said indifferently, "Leonardo said it."

Eliza was silent for a moment, and cursed loudly, "Damn it!"

She really didn't want to wish Amber well. After hearing the news that Leonardo and Amber were getting married, Eliza had a fluky thought that it might be a rumor.

But now, Summer had personally confirmed it. It should be a done deal.

Eliza was indignant that Amber was going to marry Leonardo. In the past, although they were not from the same class, there was not much difference between them.

However, after Amber married Leonardo, her status would rise. Eliza could not offend Amber any more. Thinking about this, Eliza became depressed.

However, Summer was thinking of another thing.

"Can 'Lost City 2' be finished in a month?" Summer was calculating the time. She hoped 'Lost City 2' be filmed as soon as possible so that she could have time to get the custody of Rosie.

Eliza was thinking about the marriage between Leonardo and Amber. Summer suddenly mentioned filming. Eliza paused for a moment and thought for a while before saying, "It's a little difficult to finish it within a month. But a month and a half might be enough."

The play had been filmed for a month. They could finish it in another month and a half.copy right hot novel pub