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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 730 You Can't Win by Your Own Power

"Warren, I hope you have something urgent to tell me. Otherwise, I will make you know the price for it!" Leonardo sounded angry.

Warren didn't doubt that Leonardo would beat him up if he was right in front of him.

Warren was a little scared. Anyway, he couldn't defeat Leonardo. He didn't beat around the bush and got to the point, "Your ex-wife just called me."

"Summer?" Leonardo paused and asked, "Why did she call you?"

He sounded different, but Warren couldn't tell why.

"She asked me about the odds of winning the case against you for your kid's custody."

"What did you answer?"

"I said there's no chance of winning it against you. She should just give up!" Warren purposefully added the last sentence to provoke Leonardo.

He didn't know what Leonardo was up to. Leonardo would ask him for help when Leonardo had questions about law. As for the relationship problems, Warren knew it was beyond his ability. Besides, Leonardo wouldn't tell him.

He merely felt that what Leonardo had done was bizarre. It didn't seem like something Leonardo would do.

For Leonardo's style, if he were determined to take custody of Rosie, he would not show any mercy, let alone gave Summer the chance to take it into court. He had witnessed how decisive and malevolent Leonardo was.

Hearing this, Leonardo did nothing but only asked, "What else?"

"I also reminded her that she couldn't defeat you by licit means. She could consider devious tactics, like finding a more powerful man than you to support her...."

Although Warren wanted to be joking, he said it in a serious tone.

Leonardo snorted and smirked, then said, "I don't think such a man exists."

However, Warren remembered something else. He was a little worried and said, "I think you have forgotten something."


Warren suddenly became solemn and reminded, "Summer owns the legal entity of the Emerson Group! I was the one who helped you with the formalities when you gave the company to her."

Leonardo finally remembered it. He almost forgot it because it happened long ago. If it weren't for Warren talked with him about Summer's call, he would almost let it slip from his memory.

Warren was apprehensive about the consequence. He was clear the meaning of her possessing of such great wealth.

Including Leonardo's personal property, real estate, and something else, all of this was really an enormous wealth. Even Warren longed for it.

He was very worried about it, but Leonardo was much calmer. He only asked casually, "So what?"

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