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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 727 I Am a Smart Kid!

Watching Tim left, Summer kept waiting for Rosie at the gate of the kindergarten.

Rosie was so excited and ran to her when she saw Summer came to pick her up.

Rosie ran to Summer and hugged Summer's leg. She looked up and blinked and smiled at Summer, "I just wondered if you are gonna come or not."

Summer pinched her little nose and picked her up. "Didn't I tell you this morning that I will come and pick you up after school?"

"But what if you have work to do? You won't come if you have work." Rosie said with a serious look.

Summer did not know how to reply her.

It was always because of work that she failed to stay with Rosie. So, Rosie already learned it by heart.

Summer put her down and crouched in front of her. She looked into her eyes and said slowly, "If I told you that I will come, then it's for sure. Unless something urgent happens, I will never break my words, OK?"

"OK." Rosie nodded.

After returning home, Summer prepared to cook.

Rosie brought a stool and put it in front of the kitchen island and stood on it. She tried to reach the top of it and help Summer prepare the food.

Then, Rosie saw the Band-Aid on Summer's hand. She leaned over and grabbed her hand, "Mom, you're hurt!"

"It's nothing." Summer smiled as she looked at Rosie's worried little face.

"Does it hurt?" Rosie looked up at her, worried.

Summer was so touched and kissed on Rosie's cheek, "Don't worry, my dear. It doesn't hurt at all."

"Mom, wait!" Rosie jumped off the stool and ran.

"Where are you going?" Summer raised her voice and asked her.

Without answering her, Rosie flipped through stuff in the living room. When Summer was about to check it out, Rosie came back with a pink little box in her hands.

It was a palm sized, pinky carton box with a little bear's picture on it.

As she climbed onto the stool, she handed it over to Summer.

Summer helped while watching her climbing clumsily onto the stool. She asked, "What is this?"

"Little Bear Band-Aid." After Rosie stood up, she took back the little box from Summer and said, "Let me open it. After you put this on, you will not feel pain anymore.copy right hot novel pub