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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 708 Are You Using Me?

Leonardo glanced at the door before reclining in the chair. His cold look faded, but his eyebrows were knitted, laced with annoyance.

A problem? Leonardo sneered at himself and looked down, opening a drawer.

There was only a framed picture of Summer, which used to be on his desk.

He caressed it and muttered, "I don't have any."

After Summer and her group arrived at the hotel and put down their luggage, they held a meeting and made detailed arrangements for the next few days.

The shooting began in three days.

Eliza was a bit superstitious. Every time before it started, she would ask a soothsayer to tell its fortune, which was said to be costly. Summer didn't believe in that stuff but respected Eliza's good intentions.

At the end of the meeting, it was six o'clock in the evening, which was time for dinner.

The support staff ordered a seafood buffet, and everyone was heading to the restaurant.

One must try seafood in a seaside city. It was a fancy restaurant. Although it was a buffet, it was expensive.

Amber had been holding grudges against Eliza for being left alone in the dining room, so she did not show up this afternoon.

After all, she was a sinecure here, so she would rather not attend a formal meeting. But she was asked to the buffet before the crew headed out.

"I'm not going. I am having dinner with a friend," Amber replied.

Eliza was glad she wouldn't come.

"Does she think she is still a college girl? What is that about? I feel so sick." Eliza and Summer walked together to the front door of the hotel, mocking Amber along the way.

Summer did not enjoy speaking ill of people behind their backs. She knew Eliza, so she didn't find her annoying.

The restaurant was not far from the hotel, so the crew walked over.

Summer sauntered holding her purse, in the company of Eliza's trash talk.

When crossing the road, Summer turned to look at her and asked, "Do you dare to say this to Amber's face?"

Eliza stopped rambling and answered dispiritedly, "No."

"Her boyfriend is our patron. It appears Leonardo treats her well.copy right hot novel pub