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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 706 Philanthropists

As the chief producer, Eliza was well respected in the crew, and the directors treated her kindly and politely.

After they sat down, everyone at the dining table greeted Eliza.

Summer felt she was ignored intentionally. She didn't know them, so she let it slide.

She took out her phone to play games, no longer caring about the ongoing conversation.

Amber, on the other hand, was popular here. And it was obvious she was enjoying the attention.

To be exact, she was already used to this. She has grown up to be arrogant as a spoiled rich girl, admired and doted on. Naturally, she never thought she would be treated otherwise here.

Amber was having a good time until she spotted Summer killing time on her phone without flicking her a glance.

Although she didn't want to admit it, she felt defeated when Leonardo chose Summer. She wanted to turn the tide and bruise Summer's ego. She wished Summer wouldn't have one moment of peace.

Then, someone asked Amber about Leonardo.

"May I ask if Mr. Emerson has been busy? Can he grace the set when he has the time?"

Amber smiled and said slowly, "He is occupied. But I believe he would come soon since I'm here."

"Excellent. Please inform us when he does, so we can welcome him properly."

Amber looked indifferent. "He invested the show because he believed you could do a good job. Although the scriptwriter is a newbie, you guys have much experience in the field. So, I think this is going to work."

Everyone present knew Summer was Leonardo's ex-wife. Even though Amber did not bring up her name, she said "scriptwriter", who was actually Summer. Like shark smelling blood, they all turned to look at Summer.

Summer was still playing the game with her head low, not aware of what was going on.

A fake smile on her face, Amber gritted her teeth. No matter what she said, Summer didn't seem to care, which was getting under her skin. Amber was frustrated instead of pleased.copy right hot novel pub