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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 704 Money and Power Ruled

Summer glanced at Amber without the intention of moving her hand away, as if she did not hear what Amber had said.

"Summer, didn't you hear what I said?" Amber was getting impatient, but she lowered her voice.

Summer continued to ignore her.

Amber raised her chin and sneered, "Do you know what you look like now?"

She knew that Summer would ignore her, and she did not expect her to answer her question. She continued, "You are like a stray dog trying to keep the last bit of your poor dignity."

Amber deliberately emphasized the last few words.

Summer slowly put down the magazine in her hand. She turned to look at Amber with disdain, as if she didn't take her seriously at all.

Summer tilted her head to one side, as if she was condescending to talk to Amber, "Do you know what you look like now? Like a dog that can't wait to lift its legs and pee everywhere to mark its territory."

"You..." Amber pointed at Summer, flying into a rage.

Summer reached out her hand and held the fingers that Amber extended. She smiled and spoke in a gentle tone, like a good friend persuading Amber, "Miss Amber, don't forget who you are now. If you are rude to me like this, what would people think of you?"

Although Amber was angry, she knew that Summer's words made sense.

However, she couldn't lump it, which was exactly what Summer forced her to do it.

Summer had thought of working without personal feelings, and she didn't want to be involved with Leonardo and Amber anymore.

However, it went against her wish. Money and power ruled. Leonardo invested on 'Lost City 2' and became the patron.

She was indebted to Eliza, so she could not indulge herself and quit, leaving Eliza and the crew in great trouble.

She had to face Amber's hostility and the possible persecution from Leonardo in the future.

However, she was not a coward, whose knees would buckle at the provocation.

Glaring angrily at Summer, Amber struggled fiercely and pulled her finger out of Summer's hand.

Perhaps Amber felt that she had lost her composure just now. She collected herself and said with her usual calmness, "Don't think you've won."

Summer smiled and said, "Same to you."

Amber gritted her teeth and looked away, advising herself to be patient. She tucked herself with the blanket and put on her eyeshade, going to sleep.copy right hot novel pub