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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 703 It's My Honor

Eliza greeted Summer loudly on purpose.

Eliza and Amber were not meant to be friends before their paths crossed. Now that Leonardo brought Amber to the crew, Eliza could not make any objections and she had to accept it reluctantly.

She felt like she was inferior to Amber. As a result, how could she like Amber? However, direct confrontation was not her way. She just wanted to be an onlooker and enjoy the drama.

She had a feeling that it would not be peaceful in the coming days. Amber was Leonardo's girlfriend, while Summer was his ex-wife. The show would be awesome.

Actually, she felt bored with the film shooting, so it was good to watch a good show.

Eliza sat down beside Summer and tried to please her, whispering, "Don't be angry."

"Do you think it's funny?" Summer wasn't angry with Eliza, knowing that she liked gossiping. "I don't want to cause trouble."

"You don't want to cause trouble?" Eliza secretly pointed at Amber and lowered her voice, "Do you think that if you don't offend others, you won't cause any troubles?"

This was what Summer was worrying about.

Eliza knew from the look that Summer understood everything.

However, she couldn't help reminding Summer, "Be careful of Amber. The crew is watching. If she messes up with you, it will be hard to deal with."

"You wish me to fight with Amber, so you can sit back and enjoy the show, right?" Summer turned to look at Amber with composure.

"Keep it to yourself. Don't say it out loud. I feel embarrassed to be seen through by you." Although Eliza said so, there was not a trace of embarrassment on her face.

Eliza leaned back lazily against the back of the chair, looking at Summer with a big smile.

Summer raised her eyebrows without saying anything else. Her phone vibrated, and she received a message. Summer touched the screen and found that it was from Douglas.

"Summer, have you arrived at the airport?"

"Have you boarded the plane yet?"

"I'll come to see you when I have time."

When Summer clicked opened the message, she happened to receive Douglas’ last message.

Summer thought for a while and replied, "Go back to school and study hard. Don't fight with others."

She had asked Douglas why he got in a fight with those people in Golden Cauldron Club that day. Douglas said curtly that there had been some bad feeling between them.

Thinking that Douglas was grown-up and kind, and he should know what he was doing, Summer did not press him for more details.

Douglas replied, "What should I do if someone offends me? Let them beat me up?"

Summer replied coldly, "Are you an idiot? Why don't you fight back if they offend you?"

Sensing Eliza's restless movements, Summer looked up and saw that Eliza gesturing to Bowen, who was sitting in the back row.copy right hot novel pub