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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 702 Like Strangers

Summer didn't take it seriously, but Douglas got excited with a meaningful look on his face. "I know. You don't have a boyfriend, do you?"

Summer glared at Douglas, who chuckled and stopped talking about it.

Summer came to see Douglas, wishing to know what happened between him and Leonardo.

However, Douglas clammed up and wouldn't say anything. Summer couldn't get anything from him, so she didn't intend to stay here any longer.

She was going to visit the kindergartens, as she was going away for work in a few days.

When Douglas heard that Summer was going to visit the kindergartens for Rosie, he wanted to tag along. "I want to go too."

Rosie followed suit, and looked at Summer eagerly. "I want to go too."

"Do you know where I'm going?" Summer laughed and pinched Rosie's little face.

Rosie was bewildered. She looked at Douglas and then at Summer, asking adorably, "Where are you going?"

Summer and Douglas both laughed. Summer picked Rosie up and went out of the room. "Call your dad and tell him."

The villa was equipped with a telephone. Summer took Rosie downstairs to call Leonardo in the living room.

Summer had taught Rosie how to call Leonardo during her stay in the villa.

Rosie still remembered how to make a phone call. She sat on the sofa and took the telephone to call Leonardo.

Summer pressed the hands-free button. The call was soon connected. Leonardo was quick to pick up the phone call from home.

Rosie first asked, "Dad?"

"Yes." Leonardo said as he flipped through the documents. His response sounded indifferent. Obviously, he was working.

"Dad, I want to go to the kindergarten with Mom. Is that okay?" Rosie left out the word "visit", but Leonardo could understand her.

"Sure, come back early." Leonardo definitely knew that Summer was listening to the conversation, and he said the second half of the sentence to Summer.

Rosie's eyes lit up. She looked at Summer. "Dad said yes."

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