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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 7 You help me to take it

Leonardo also did not expect to meet Summer here.

He was tracking a man to this place, but he was attacked instead.

The dwellings were densely packed, and the terrain was complex, and he quickly got disorientated. He tried to take one of his attackers hostage and then use that man to get away, but somehow he encountered Summer by accident.

He didn’t know why, when he saw the tiny, dumb face of Summer, he felt an inexplicable sense of trust.

He put his gun away and fixed on her with his gloomy eyes. His voice was low and cold, "What are you doing here?"

"I live here." Summer was frightened by the gun in his hand and told the truth without question.

There was a flash of surprise in Leonardo’s eyes, how could one of the Jarret children live in a terrible place like this?

But he soon collected himself and, he coolly ordered, "Take me to where you live."

"No way." It would be better to kill her rather than leading a strange man to her place.

"Oh." Leonardo expected her to react like that, he sneered, and his voice was deep as a ghost, "Do you want me to tell my cousin that you seduced me?"

What? Did he threaten her again?

Summer clenched her hands, her tiny face was flushed with anger, but there’s nothing she could do with this shameless man.

Eventually, she turned and walked down the way she came, "Follow me."

This entire conversation had only lasted for one minute.

As soon as they left, two men in black showed up in the spot where they just were.

Leonardo heard the footsteps, pulled Summer into another alley, and found a random room to stay in.

They both waited in the room until the two men left, and then he pulled Summer out.

Summer was nervous and worried, she didn’t know what kind of people “Douglas” had been provoking, but she knew it wasn’t the time to ask more.


They hurried back to Summer’s small single apartment.

Summer stood at the door and looked around like she was breaking into her own house before retreating into the room.copy right hot novel pub