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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 697 Acting for Others to See

Summer walked out faster.

As she hurriedly walked out with her head down, she didn't notice that someone else was also walking out on the other side, thus she collided with the man.

Summer said without raising her head, "Sorry."


When Summer heard this voice, she suddenly stopped. Looking back, she found it was Stanley. He was everywhere!

Stanley saw her turn around and looked at him, he smiled and asked, "You are here for lunch?"

Summer looked at Stanley. He had just come out of the restaurant.

"Don't you know whether I'm here for lunch or not?" Since Stanley was also in the restaurant just now, he must know what she did in the restaurant.

Stanley must have seen her sitting opposite Leonardo and Amber.

Since Summer had already said this, Stanley no longer pretended to meet her by chance.

He walked over to Summer and said with a smile, "Yes, I saw it all. Do you believe me now? You and Leonardo are not right for each other."

Summer was already in a bad mood, and this was not the first time Stanley said this.

She snorted coldly, "None of your business." Then she strode towards the parking lot.

Stanley stood there and watched Summer drive away. He lit a cigarette with an undiminishing smile on his face, obviously savoring something.

He stood at the door and finished the cigarette, and then went back to the restaurant. Stanley looked at where Leonardo and Amber were sitting. With a faint smile, he threw the cigarette into the trash can, and leisurely walked in their direction.

The plates in front of Amber and Leonardo had already been removed, and there was coffee in front of them. Amber had been talking. Leonardo propped his head up and looked out of the window, whether his mind was on Amber's words or somewhere else, no one knew.

Stanley walked over and stopped at the table, smiling and asking, "Do you mind if I sit down?"

Leonardo didn't pay any attention to him, but Amber asked impatiently, "Who are you?"

She finally had a chance to eat with Leonardo, so why was there always someone disturbing them?

Stanley sat down, his gaze sweeping back and forth between the two of them, and then he deepened his smile, "I am Mr. Emerson's friend."

Hearing this, Amber turned to look at Leonardo. Meanwhile, Leonardo was still looking out of the window, blankly at usual.

Amber whispered, "Leonardo." Only then did Leonardo turn around. He looked at Stanley coldly and did not say anything. He just looked down at the watch on his wrist, stood up and said to Amber, "It's getting late. Let's go."

Amber saw that Leonardo did not pay attention to Stanley, so she stood up and intended to leave with Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub