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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 696 I Just Want to Help You

As soon as Summer finished speaking, she heard laughter from the other side.

"Summer, we were just joking with you. Did you really go there?" Amber taunted.

When she spoke, there was an undisguised mockery in her tone.

Summer didn't say anything and stood there with her phone in her hand.

Amber smiled and pretended to be generous. "Forget it, Leonardo, if she really wants to see you, just let her come. I know you don't want me to misunderstand you. After all, she is your ex-wife. Even if you don't have feeling for her at all, you two still have been together for a period of time."

She tried to persuade Leonardo in a gentle voice, and Summer heard everything.

Leonardo was probably moved by Amber. After a few seconds, Summer heard Leonardo's kind voice on the other end of the phone, "Then come over."

The laughter in Amber's tone became even more obvious, "Summer, I won't lie to you this time. We're next door to that restaurant, hurry up and come over..."

In the restaurant next door? Didn't Leonardo and Amber already see her when she stopped at the entrance of the restaurant? Did they think it was fun to fool her around?

Summer sneered. Leonardo could actually fool her around with Amber. She was really the most ridiculous fool in the world.

She hung up the phone and went directly to the restaurant next door. She stood at the door and saw Leonardo and Amber sitting there. They were talking, and did not see Summer.

Summer did not know what Amber was talking about. Amber laughed, but Leonardo did not. He leaned against the sofa languidly and lowered his eyes as if he was paying attention to her.

Leonardo and Amber were both good-looking. As a woman in her 30s, she looked younger. They just sat there, looking like a perfect couple.

Summer slowly walked over and sat down directly opposite them. The first thing she did when she sat down was to turn around and look out the window.

As expected, Leonardo and Amber were in a place where they could see Summer's car parked outside.

Summer withdrew her gaze and turned to meet Amber's eyes.copy right hot novel pub