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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 693 Stop Torturing Each Other

The next morning, Summer was woken up by the ringing of her cell phone.

She reached out and took her phone. Seeing that it was Jessica, she pulled herself up and sat up to answer the phone.

"Jessica? What's wrong?" When Jessica was in the middle of a shooting, she would only call her at night. And usually she would choose to sleep if she didn't have work. There must be something important since she called Summer so early in the morning.

"Do you know what happened to Carl?" Jessica's voice sounded a little hoarse. Summer didn't know whether she didn't sleep well or had a cold.

"What's wrong?" Everything was fine when she took Rosie to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner yesterday. What could happen in one night?

"Wait a moment." Rustling came from Jessica.

Not long after, Summer received a new WeChat message.

She did not hang up the phone and directly read the message.

The message was sent by Jessica.

Jessica sent her several screenshots of trending topics and news.

"According to informed sources, Carl, the CEO of Tip Top Media Company, has an illegitimate daughter...."

Illegitimate daughter? Summer was totally in a daze. How could Carl have an illegitimate daughter?

Recalling Jessica's tone just now, Summer asked, "Jessica, you can't believe these reports."

"It clearly says that Carl has brought his daughter to hang around in the Golden Cauldron Club. And it was not a little baby! Everyone in Hoover City now knows that Carl has a three or four-year-old daughter!"

The more Jessica spoke, the angrier she became. She kicked the chair in front of her.

Summer felt that it was weird. She just skimmed the headline and the news and didn't pay much attention.

Now she went back to read it carefully. When reading "Yesterday, according to informed resources...." Summer seemed to understand.

"Yesterday, I took Rosie to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner. Carl was also there. He took Rosie to play for a while. Many people saw him at that time." Summer talked to Jessica about what happened yesterday.copy right hot novel pub