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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 691 I Brought Her Up

As soon as the waiter walked away, Karen sat opposite Summer before she said something.

Karen stared at Rosie. Her eyes lit up, and she looked surprised. "What's your name?"

Rosie was so curious that her gaze wandered around Karen. She said, "Rosie."

"Rosie?" Karen muttered, not knowing how to spell this name correctly.

However, Karen did not want to care about it. She smiled and tried to make herself more approachable. "You look like your dad. You're so cute."

Summer looked coldly at Karen and felt extremely disgusting.

Karen stayed here and wouldn't leave. If she wanted to drive Karen away, she would have to quarrel with Karen.

She didn't want Rosie to witness that. Besides, there was no need for her to be so emotional for Karen.

"Thank you." Rosie thanked her. She was quiet in front of strangers.

Summer did not say anything. Rosie turned to look at her, as if she was puzzled that why Summer did not speak to Karen.

Summer smiled at Rosie and comforted her, "Let's eat something."

Then she looked up at Karen and said, "What's your phone number? I don't have it yet."

Karen was stunned. She asked in disbelief, "You want my phone number?"

"Yes." Even though Summer did not have any expression when she spoke and did not look happy at all, Karen was quite happy.

Summer actually wanted her phone number. Was it because Rosie had just called her "grandmother" that Summer finally wanted to make up with her?

Karen's hands trembled as she held the phone because she was excited. "Alright, give me your number. I'll call you."

Summer glanced at her phone and asked, "Don't you know my number?"

She was also curious about how Karen got her number.

Hearing this, Karen gently patted her head and said, "That's right! I have your number. I'm really old.copy right hot novel pub