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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 69 I’m Sorry

During dinner, Summer felt something was wrong with “Douglas”.

His face was cold and hard most of the time. He looked intimidating when he didn’t speak.

However, Summer could tell he was in a bad mood.

Summer put some fish into his bowl and said, “Try this. I used some pepper. I wonder if you like it.”

“Douglas” took it out and threw it on the table.

Summer thought if she did something to annoy him.

But she thought she didn’t. Could it be that he was angry because she threw her bag at him?

No, he wouldn’t be angry at such things.

Feeling her gaze, Leonardo suddenly raised his head and said, “Where did you go last Friday?”

“What?” Busy avoiding his gaze, she did not hear what he said.

Leonardo put down his chopsticks and fixed his gaze at her. He said slowly and clearly, “Where did you go and who did you meet last Friday?”

Summer froze. She looked up at him, “What do you mean?”

His interrogation made her uncomfortable.

He smiled and said coldly, “Do you feel guilty? Are you cheating on my cousin?”

“What nonsense!” Although he had joked about it before, he went too far this time.

Summer threw her chopsticks on the table and stood up. “Even if I was sold to your family for 300 million yuan, it doesn’t mean anyone here can judge me.”

Then she stormed off.

She even bumped into the doorframe. She was furious.

Leonardo lost his appetite. When he put down the chopsticks, his phone rang.

It was from Tim. “Mr. Emerson, I’ve emailed you the CCTV footage.”

“OK.” Leonardo hung up the phone and went to the study.

The video was taken in a drug store.

Other than a doctor who gave her some medicine, there were two other men in the footage.

One of them wore a mask and a cap.copy right hot novel pub