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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 687 Find a Reason to Leave

Summer could just drive Leonardo away if today was any random day. But it was New Year's Eve. She actually had no reason to do that. Rosie was their daughter, not her private property.

Their separation was the end of their relationship. It was the problem between them. Rosie wanted them to be together today, and Summer didn't want to disappoint her.

After thinking for a while, Summer lowered her voice and said, "Finish the meal and leave."

Leonardo said indifferently, "I want to wait for the New Year to come."

So, did he mean to stay until twelve in the morning?

"You..." Summer looked at Leonardo, speechless.

What could she say? It was New Year's Eve.

However, Rosie was a child and would definitely be asleep before twelve.

After Rosie fell asleep, Summer could let Leonardo go.

Summer felt better and turned back to the kitchen.

Because of Leonardo, Summer added a few more dishes. Summer ate a little at noon. She wanted to get ready for dinner.

Rosie hadn't seen Leonardo these days and she clung to him now.

Leonardo played with Rosie patiently. Summer prepared some fruits and snacks for Rosie.

When she brought the snacks over, she saw Leonardo and Rosie together on the sofa, playing a puzzle game.

Leonardo leaned against the sofa lazily, looking relaxed.

One of his hands was on the back of the sofa, while Rosie sat next to him with a pad in her arms. Half of her body was leaning against Leonardo. Her lazy appearance took after Leonardo.

Leonardo's gaze fell on the tablet. Even if he was just playing with a kid, he was attentive and serious.

When Rosie saw something she didn't know, she would turn to look at Leonardo, and Leonardo would help her. At that time, Rosie's eyes would light up, and Leonardo would smile slightly.copy right hot novel pub