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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 682 Big News!

One can say whatever when they are angry. Actually, Carl had already regretted it the moment he said that. But right now, he had said what he said and it couldn't be taken back.

Jessica had been spoiled since she was little. She was kind of fragile but not arrogant, yet she couldn't bear suffering wrong. So she immediately left there in an I-don't-give-a-damn manner.

Carl clenched his fists in anger and smashed twice on the table. A sharp pain came from his hand, and next second, he couldn't feel a thing except numbness.

He picked up the bottle of red wine that was almost full on the table and gulped it down.

Originally, Summer wanted to get something from Bruce by inviting him to dinner at home. However, Bruce finished his meal in a flash and left instantly, so she didn't have the time or chance to get anything from Bruce. Luckily, Bruce just lived nearby. So she still had chances even though she failed this time.

Summer would not give up so easily. Excluding the possibility that Leonardo had asked Bruce to treat her well, it was pretty suspicious itself that Bruce would treat her so well.

The more she experienced, the more Summer understood that people like Bruce would never do such things for no reason.

In the following days, Summer didn't go out and stayed at home with Rosie.

Eliza was preparing for the shooting of "Lost City 2". She called Summer almost every day to complain about trivial matters like which director was hard to get along with and which actor broke the contract on spot.

Summer was just a scriptwriter, and Eliza liked her script. With Eliza around, Summer didn't have to worry about anything.

She was really grateful to Eliza, so she listened to Eliza's complaints willingly and occasionally comforted her. Therefore, their relationship was even better.

In the blink of an eye, on the day before New Year's Eve, Eliza finally stopped filming and visited Summer with gifts.

When Summer opened the door and saw Eliza, she was a little surprised. For Eliza didn't notify her in advance.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to come by." Summer moved aside to make way for Eliza to come in.

"I should call you in advance, but I forgot," Eliza said as she carried those bags inside. "I just remembered it when I was downstairs. Thinking that you are home every day, I just came straight over."

Summer closed the door and walked inside, following behind Eliza.copy right hot novel pub