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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 677 Her Body Is Waiting for You

She hadn't heard this voice for too long, and Summer did not know who the person was. She turned around and saw Karen walking towards her with a surprised expression.

"Summer, it's really you..." Karen was more surprised as she stared fixedly at Summer. Those who didn't know the inside story may think that Karen was happy to see Summer.

But Summer knew that Karen would definitely not be happy because of seeing her. Summer looked at Karen silently and stood in front of Rosie. She did not know what trick Karen was playing.

It had been a long time since she last saw Karen, but she looked pretty good. Although she was a little skinny, she was very energetic.

Summer didn't know why she would pay special attention to Karen's condition, but she subconsciously made a comparison in her heart.

Karen was enthusiastic, but Summer did not say a word. Karen did not feel embarrassed. Instead, she continued, "What have you bought? It's almost the New Year. Will you ... return home?"

"You stopped me just to ask whether I will return home or not?" Summer looked at Karen as if she was a clown. The mockery in her eyes was so obvious.

However, Karen smiled as if she didn't see it. "You are my daughter after all. Of course I want to know that."

Summer didn't bother to listen to Karen's hypocritical words. Her patience had been exhausted. "If you are still not gonna say it, I'll go."

Karen became anxious and stopped her, "Summer, stop! I..."

Summer went back and looked at Karen impatiently, "Speak it out."

Rosie, who was blocked behind Summer, curiously leaned out to look at Karen.

Karen also saw Rosie. The little girl was cute and had fair skin. Her chubby face was rosy and her eyes were round and black.copy right hot novel pub