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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 667 Leonardo Was Her Best Medicine

Jessica immediately asked Summer, "Then why the investment? If you don't get back together, why does he invest in your script? He already has Tip Top Media Company. If he is interested in the entertainment industry, why not invest in his own company?"

"Perhaps he is bored." Summer could not figure out what Leonardo was thinking.

Although she believed that this reason was a little ridiculous, it made sense to her after she thought a lot. Leonardo didn't spend his energy on meaningless things. Since they were no longer together, wasn't it just boring for him to invest in her script particularly?

Oh, it was also possible to meet Amber's requirements. Didn't Amber just want to get her in trouble and suppress her?

The Emerson Group invested in "Lost City 2" and Leonardo became the sponsor. As his girlfriend, it was not impossible for Amber to dominate the crew of "Lost City 2". At least, it could happen that Amber managed to mess with Summer.

With this thought, Summer felt completely bored.

Jessica pulled up the corner of her mouth. After thinking for a moment, she said seriously, "I don't believe it. Mr. Emerson has relapsed and lost his memory again?"

Her tone was so serious that Summer almost believed it.

However, the truth was that Leonardo was very well. There was nothing wrong with his body. He was just determined not to stay with her.

"No. We quarreled, and then he chased me away..."

Before Summer could finish her words, Jessica exploded, "What? Leonardo chased you away? Who can't afford a house? Damn him!"

Summer waited for Jessica to finish complaining before continuing, "At that time, I left immediately. But after thinking about it, I always believe that Leonardo might not really want to separate from me. There might be some other reason. After all ... he was once a man who could give up his life to save my life..."

When she didn't think about it, she failed to feel something. However, once she recalled the past, Summer realized that Leonardo and she shared too many memories. Apart from the occasional paranoia, Leonardo did everything right.

Jessica slapped her thigh and agreed, "That's right! I don't believe it either! Does Mr. Emerson have his reasons?"

Summer noticed what Jessica referred to was Mr. Emerson this time.copy right hot novel pub