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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 660 Marry Me

Summer's wound was not deep, but it was quite long. The doctor said several stitches were required to sew up her wound. Summer kept silent all this time.

However, when the doctor was going to give her anesthetic, Summer refused. She looked indifferent with a poker face. "Just do it. I don't need anesthetic."

The doctor was a middle-aged man. Hearing Summer's words, he was at a loss. Then, he asked with uncertainty, "No anesthetic?"

Before Summer replied him, Stanley came forward. He frowned, "Summer, are you crazy? Did you become stupid after all this? Do you think you're a warrior or something?"

Summer did not look at anyone and her eyes glazed over. She said softly, "I want to remember this pain."

She had to remember the pain that Leonardo brought her. Stanley was so angry that he even laugh out loud. Then he looked sullen, and uttered with one word, "Whatever!"

Of course, the doctor did not understand their conversation, nor did he know what the relationship between them, but he knew that both of them had decided not to use anesthetic.

Summer did not care about how Stanley looked or what he said. She only raised her eyes to look at the doctor and said, "Doctor, you may start now."

Stanley slammed the door and went out. Obviously, the doctor was still hesitant.

"Doctor, I can stand it. Don't worry." Summer said again.

The doctor sighed and took up the needles. "If you can't stand it, tell me."

"Yes." Summer's voice sounded exceptionally firm.

Actually, only few stitches were needed. However, it still hurt when the sharp needle pierced through her skin and flesh. Summer bit her lips, fine beads of sweat oozing from her forehead, and her face was slightly pale.

The doctor was surprised that she could really stand it.

After the stitches, the doctor handed Summer two napkins, "Wipe off your sweat."

"Thank you." Summer reached for the napkin and stood up.

"I'll write a prescription for you. Take some medicine home, and remember to have it on time. You may come again in a few days to take out stitches or just do it at another clinic."

"Thank you." Summer reached out to receive the prescription.

The doctor looked out of the door curiously, "Hey, where's your boyfriend? Why hasn't he come in yet?"

"He's not my boyfriend." After Summer finished speaking, she went out. She did not see Stanley outside the door.

Forgetting it, Summer went straight for the medicine.copy right hot novel pub