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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 66 I Don’t Beat a Woman. Do it Yourself

However, “Douglas” was nearly 1.9 meters high. Summer could not block his face when she stood in front of him.

Vicky looked at Summer with contempt. She took a step forward and looked straight at “Douglas”. “Mr. Emerson, nice to meet you again.”

Leonardo glanced at Vicky and then at Summer who suddenly stood in front of him. He instantly understood why Summer did that.

He remembered that she once said “the eldest sister-in-law is like a mother” when she contradicted him. Was she really treating him like her son?

His expression became even colder. He didn’t even give Vicky an extra look.

Vicky was a little embarrassed when she saw “Douglas” ignoring her.

Lynn said, “Let’s find a restaurant and sit down.”

They found a restaurant.

When they took their seats, everyone deliberately let “Douglas” sit first.

However, “Douglas” did not sit down. Instead, he pulled out a chair and said to Summer, “Sit down.”

Summer did not know what he was going to do. She subconsciously felt that “Douglas” would not harm her, so she sat down.

“Douglas” then sat down beside her.

Lynn immediately signaled to Vicky. Vicky took the hint and sat down beside “Douglas” with a sweet smile.

Summer thought “Douglas” would say something, but he didn’t, as if he didn’t see Vicky sit down beside him.

Could it be that she was wrong? Although “Douglas” looked noble and indifferent, he wasn’t particular about women.

The dishes were served quickly. Lynn occasionally said something to ease the atmosphere. So it was quite harmonious.

Vicky helped “Douglas” with the dishes a few times. He did not refuse or eat.

Summer felt “Douglas” was strange today. Since he sat down, she had felt that the aura around his body was cold. Afterward, he did not refuse Vicky to help him with the dishes. She did not believe that he would like Vicky!

Vicky was more overjoyed. She smiled gently and said, “Mr. Emerson, eat more. The food here is not bad.”

“I see,” “Douglas” replied indifferently.copy right hot novel pub