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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 659 Tears Are Cold

With his head stuck in the car window, Logan didn't dare to move. He was trembling terribly and his pant got wet. Did he really pee out of fear?

Summer shot a cold glance at him, then turned her attention on Stanley. She was extremely calm.

Seeing Summer motionless, Stanley's look turned solemn. He shouted, "Hide behind me!"

But Summer didn't move. She didn't want to be saved by the man who almost killed her daughter. Not at all.

Stanley seemed to have seen through her, "If you don't, you won't survive. You know it. But if you do, you still have chances to take revenge on me."

Summer widened her eyes. She could tell that Stanley was saying this on purpose.

But he looked sincere. He was serious, and really wanted to save her.

There was no smile on his face. He looked gloomy and cold. And this might be what he truly looks like.

She didn't want to be saved by Stanley. However, it was worthless to be killed by Logan.

Summer pursed her lips as she slowly walked to Stanley.

She walked behind Stanley and felt his shoulders suddenly relaxed. Then, he turned his head and whispered to her, "Get into my car!"

Without hesitation, Summer got in the car.

It was the cab door that she opened.

Stanley pulled Logan out of the car window and pushed him near the black car.

Summer reached to open the passenger car door for him.

Logan trembled under the control of Stanley, "You ... you let me go! I've already ... let that bitch go.... No!"

Before he could say anything else, Stanley threw him away and he uttered a heartrending cry.

At the same time, Stanley quickly got into the car.

As soon as he got in, Summer started the car.copy right hot novel pub