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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 647 What's Wrong with You?

In the evening.

Summer went to the Golden Cauldron Club at the appointed time.

When she got there, Carl was already waiting in the private room, wearing an eye-catching pink shirt.

"Summer, come here! Have a seat." Carl pulled out a chair and gestured for her to come over.

Summer knew Carl was so attentive because of Jessica.

Summer smiled and shook her head, "Thank you. I prefer to do it myself."

Afterwards, she pulled out a chair by herself.

Carl scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly. Then he tidied up his clothes and smiled as he approached Summer and asked, "Summer, how's my shirt? I specifically asked my assistant to buy this for me. It's a limited edition. And it is hard to get one!"

Summer looked at Carl and said, "Not bad."

Carl's personality was different from Leonardo's. Carl was more cheerful than Leonardo. Carl's wearing and eating habits demonstrated this point.

"Did you look carefully?" Carl pulled the small pocket on his shirt with a serious expression. He pointed at a kitten's head beside the pocket and said, "Did you see this? This is the feature of this shirt!"

Summer opened her mouth slightly and stared blankly at his pink shirt.

She didn't understand why the embroidered kitten's head could be a feature of a man's pink shirt.

She had seen a lot of clothes of this style. But she remembered such designs mostly appeared on women's shirts.

Summer looked at his shirt again and repeated his words, "Feature?"

"Yes! How is it?"

Under Carl's expectant gaze, Summer pondered for a moment and said, "It's not bad."

Although the praise Summer gave to Carl was perfunctory, Carl was in a very good mood and he paid no attention to that.

After getting Summer's praise, Carl sat down again. He tidied his sleeves and collar, and then he served the water for Summer.

Summer was used to the way Carl and Jessica got along, so Carl being like this didn't surprise her.

Not long after, Jessica arrived.

Jessica had just finished her work in the variety show, and she was wearing thin clothes and exquisite makeup.

After Jessica got closer, Summer saw the tiredness on her face.

"Jessica." Summer smiled and greeted Jessica.

Jessica replied Summer with a smile and walked towards her.

Carl, who had been waiting for Jessica to come, became silent at this moment. And now he looked distant and cold.copy right hot novel pub