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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 646 Too Enthusiastic

She didn't know if Leonardo would answer her phone.

Based on her understanding of Leonardo, after saying so many heartless words, possibly he would not answer her phone.

After making the call, Summer kept holding the phone.

Just as she expected, Leonardo did not answer her phone. The phone was hung up because no one answered.

After the phone hung up, the contact page appeared.

Staring at the few contacts on the screen, Summer pondered.

Did any of them know about the X Organization?

Eliza knew a lot of people and had experienced a lot. Was it possible for her to know about the X Organization?

How about Carl? Did he know about the X Organization?

When Summer thought of this, she picked up her phone to call Carl.

The phone was connected. Carl's voice rang, "Summer?"

Carl was always high-spirited no matter when.

"I want to ask you about something." Summer was familiar with Carl. She didn't beat around the bush. Instead, she went straight to the point.

Carl hesitated for a moment. Then he said, "Do you want to ask me about Leonardo? I haven't seen him in a while. I don't know what he's doing lately..."

Carl was so anxious to distance Leonardo on the phone. It was so...

Summer knew what Carl was worrying about. Leonardo indeed scared Carl.

"What I want to ask has nothing to do with Leonardo."

Hearing Summer's words, Carl immediately changed his tone. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "You should say that earlier. You scared me..."

"Do you know about the X Organization?" Just as Summer finished the sentence, Carl's cough sounded on the phone.

Summer also heard some rustling. She guessed that probably Carl dropped the glass of water and was wiping the water stains.

Summer did not urge Carl. She quietly waited for Carl to finish his work.copy right hot novel pub