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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 642 A Loyal Man

Summer pursed her lips and said, "If you don't tell me, I'll find it out by myself."

Eliza was speechless, "Alright. But you can't keep thinking about these things. You have to finish the script!"

Summer fixed her hair and said, "I'll finish it before the new year."

Eliza's eyes lit up, "Great! I'll tell you Amber's address right now!"

After getting Amber's address, Summer returned to her apartment.

It was still early. She wrote the script for two hours, adjusting the plot, then she went to Leonardo's place to see Rosie.

She saw Kate when she arrived at the Emerson's villa.

Kate's condition was even worse now.

"Are you here for Rosie?" Kate was quick-minded. She knew Summer's purpose the moment she entered the house.

Last time, Summer said some unpleasant words to Kate, so they didn't have much to talk about. Summer just replied coldly, "Yes."

As Summer walked upstairs, she felt Kate was looking at her.

When she reached the corner, Kate called her name, "Summer."

Summer turned to look at her and signaled for her to finish her words.

Kate paused for a moment before saying, "Can I talk to you later?"

Kate looked very calm. Summer could not tell what the conversation would be about.

She felt it might be related to Leonardo.

Summer hesitated for a few seconds, and then she nodded in agreement.

Kate gave her a grateful smile.

Summer had lived in this villa for a long time, so she was familiar with its layout. She could go to Leonardo's and Rosie's rooms even with her eyes closed.

When she passed Leonardo's study, Summer couldn't help slowing down. But she did not stop and directly walked to Rosie's room.

When Summer pushed open the door, Rosie was painting on the desk.

Rosie heard the door opening. She looked behind liked a frightened rabbit, her eyes filled with panic.

Summer did not walk over. She said gently, "Rosie, it's Mommy."

Rosie stared at her for a while, and the panic in her eyes gradually disappeared.

Only then did Summer approach her.

"What are you doing?" Summer looked at the painting board in Rosie's hand and found that she was painting an apple, which was quite vivid.

Summer remembered that Rosie wasn't serious with painting before the accident. She would draw all sorts of lines and put them together randomly to make out a shape barely legible.

However, the apple that Rosie just painted was in a good shape.copy right hot novel pub