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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 641You Want to Take Revenge on Her?

Summer had been trying to keep her mind off it.

That was why she had the courage to ask Leonardo about his true thoughts.

However, Leonardo had made himself pretty clear.

He really wanted to leave her.

Maybe he still loved her, but he had no desire to be with her.

She bit her lips and walked to the elevator in a trance. She did not press any button and just stood there absentmindedly.

Someone was behind her and examined her curiously before reaching out to press a button.

The elevator door opened, closed, and reopened.

Summer still stood there motionlessly.

She came back to earth when Eliza called her.

"Summer, you'd better not come to the studio today, or else you won't be able to leave there alive! You actually asked that jerk Bowen to pick me up!"

Eliza sounded cranky. She woke up this morning and was dumbfounded to find she wasn't at home.

Summer listened and then said faintly, "Wasn't that what you wanted?"

"I...." Eliza was dumb for quite some time before answering awkwardly, "But you shouldn't have just...."

"You got what you wanted. It was great. I am hanging up."

"Wait! Where did you sleep last night? You...."

Summer didn't care what Eliza had to say and ended the call.

Summer calmed herself and got into the elevator. She hurried outside when it reached the first floor.

She bumped into someone at the door.copy right hot novel pub