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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 639 He Had Another Woman in His Bed

There was a short silence before Leonardo replied to Summer.

As if sensing some discomfort, he changed his posture, and darkness engulfed his face. Then there came his lazy voice, "I believe you wanted to break up with me just several days ago, but now you are saying we should get back together."

He smiled after a pause, "What? It has only been a few days, and you can't stand being away from me?"

The lights were dim for the intended amorous ambiance in the private rooms of the club.

Summer could not see his expression behind the veil of darkness, so his voice provided the sole indication of his state of mind.

His tone was obviously dismissive.

They both said something hurtful that day.

She had been somewhat in a trance since she left his villa, but seeing him with Amber at the banquet today made it so real.

She sensed he was done with her.

He used to shun the like of Amber, but this time Amber was actually his plus-one.

The thought that Leonardo was sharing his bed with another woman to send her the message disturbed Summer.

Her head was a mess.

She was too proud to demand a clear answer from him, so she came up with this childish move to get him to come to her.

Carl was known to be the boss of Golden Cauldron Club, but he was smart enough to inform Leonardo about the mess Summer had made there.

Actually, Summer was betting Leonardo would come. Fortunately, he did come. However, it made her feel worse.

Summer was sitting in the light, so Leonardo could see her expressions.

Despite her calm countenance, her hands were clenched with one on the top of the other.

"Mr. Emerson, you are just so full of yourself, aren't you? I wonder why I missed that." She sneered, "Get over yourself. You should know you are only here to tell me about Rosie."

For some reason, she felt the air was thinner and colder after she said that.

She frowned slightly. Was it nothing or the tension that followed her lies?

She noticed a beer before her when she looked down, so she picked it up and took a sip to relax.

However, instead of offering some relief, it brought the walls closer together.

Leonardo finally broke the silence.

"Have I ever stopped you from visiting Rosie? If you really want to see her, just do it.copy right hot novel pub