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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 637 I Want to See Your Boss

At the Golden Cauldron Club.

Eliza and Summer stood side by side at the entrance of the Golden Cauldron Club. Everyone who came and went couldn't help but look at them.

"I didn't expect you to have such a good taste." Eliza's gaze fell on Summer.

Summer looked meaningfully at Eliza and chuckled softly, "The people here are just rich. They have no taste"

Eliza did not know that Leonardo was the secret owner of the Golden Cauldron Club. She asked in puzzlement, "What do you mean? If you don't like the Golden Cauldron Club, why are you here?"

"Don't you think it's fabulous?" Summer glanced at Eliza and walked in.

They went to a private room and ordered many wines.

The table was littered with white wine, red wine, beer, cocktails, and so on.

Eliza picked up one bottle after another and looked carefully at it. Then, she sat opposite Summer and sighed, "Are you going to drink yourself to death? Or are you going to drive yourself bankrupt?"

Summer did not say anything but began to pour herself wine.

Eliza leaned over and continued to ask, "The script of ‘Lost City II’ hasn't been finished yet. Are you sure you can pay for these?"

Summer poured a cup for Eliza and smiled, "I have you, right?"

Eliza stared at Summer in astonishment and could not utter a single word.

"You ... you actually want me to pay? You took me here. Shouldn't it be your treat?" Eliza frowned as she picked up the glass and drained it in one gulp.

This was insane!

Eliza even doubted whether it was right to cooperate with Summer.

"I'm just saying. Don't be so frightened. I can pay for it myself." Summer put down the glass, picked up another goblet, and poured red wine into it.

These wines were worth millions.

But Summer didn't blink once when she ordered it, and she even said she could pay for it herself....

"How can you speak so boldly?" said Eliza, her lips twitching.

"Cut the crap. Drink!" Summer poured some more wine into Eliza's glass.

Eliza used to drink with Summer. She thought Summer couldn't handle much drink, so she decided to drink less. If Summer got drunk, she would send Summer back.

However, she underestimated Summer.

Summer's face did not change after drinking a few glasses of wine. However, Eliza was a little dizzy.

Eliza held her head with one hand and looked at Summer. "How about we go back?"

"We haven't finished the wine yet." Summer grabbed Eliza's sleeve as if she was afraid that Eliza would run away.

Eliza could only sit down and continued to drink with Summer.copy right hot novel pub