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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 630 Clarify It Right Now!

Speaking of this, memories came back to Summer.

"It’s all good now, Jessica. What had troubled me then didn't trouble me anymore."

"You can't forget it!" Jessica poked Summer's head with a finger, "Anyway, keep an eye on Kate. I should go. Bye!"

"Drive safe!"

Jessica pivoted around and walked backwards, "Get it! If married women are so sentimental, I won't get married for the rest of my life!"

Summer smiled to her until Jessica's car disappeared in the darkness.

Stanley was capable of pretty much everything, and he would use everything and everyone that could be helpful.

Summer was afraid that one day Stanley would take Jessica hostage as a threat for her.

Therefore, she'd better avoid contacting Jessica.

Apart from what Stanley did behind everyone's back, he had an incomparable face and temperament. As a distinguished professor in the college, he was undoubtedly a pleasing sight among middle-aged bald professors.

As a result, Stanley became a celebrity.

When Summer worked outside and ate out, she would occasionally hear young girls talking about him, the distinguished professor of psychology at Z University.

Stanley really had a way of gaining supports.

It was not hard to understand.

Summer remembered that when she was in vegetable state, Stanley had taken care of her for three years in order to gain her trust.

His willpower wormed his way in Summer's mind.

That Stanley becoming famous had nothing to do with Summer.

However, she forgot that people liked scandals of famous people.

"He’s so handsome, especially when he was teaching!"

"He is such an expert!"

"I wonder who will be so lucky to become his wife, and I feel so jealous of her!"

When Summer had lunch in a restaurant, the girls at next table kept discussing about Stanley.

Would they still be crazy about him if they knew that Stanley was a piece of trash that even wouldn't let go of a child?

Summer sneered and called the waiter, "Can I get the check please?"

When she went out, two young girls walked from the opposite.

For some unknown reason, they kept staring at her.

When she walked farther and turned around, she found the girls still looking and gesturing in her direction.

Summer frowned slightly and got on a quicker pace to Eliza's studio.

"Ms. Summer...copy right hot novel pub