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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 63 You Have No Right to Gossip about My Husband

Summer walked out of the villa, and before she could go very far, she heard the sound of a car whistle behind her.

Summer turned around and the car stopped right beside her.

The window was rolled down, revealing the handsome yet annoying face of “Douglas” in Summer’s eyes.

He narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “Get in the car. I’ll take you to the company.”

“There is no need,” Summer directly refused. She didn’t want to be noticed.

She could imagine that if “Douglas” sent her to the company, she would be surrounded by people, and then there would be many rumors.

“Douglas” suddenly smiled. His ink-like eyes revealed a somewhat intimidating aura. His voice was solemn. “What are you afraid of?”

“What am I afraid of?”

Summer was shocked for a moment. Then she realized that she had been intentionally treating “Douglas” coldly. In fact, she was afraid.

Although she had always disliked him, she had to admit that he was an outstanding man.

His arrogance seemed to exist in his bones, making others feel that a man like him should be so confident and arrogant. He was like a natural glow that would attract attention.

Sometimes he was a little bad, but he was indeed nice to her.

Such a man was very attractive to women.

Therefore, Summer always consciously avoided him and treated him coldly.

She had the title of Leonardo’s wife, and this title would probably follow her for the rest of her life, so she knew that she had to behave herself.

She was afraid that she would love him.

Seeing that Summer did not speak, Leonardo continued to provoke her, “Or do you have any thoughts about me?”

“Of course not!” Summer refuted him immediately.

By the time she came back to her senses, she had already pulled open the car door and sat in the passenger seat.

“Douglas” stared straight ahead calmly. But there was a trace of happiness out of success hidden in his eyes.

Summer somewhat didn’t dare to look at him. She turned to look out of the window. “How much is your car?”

“Douglas” said, “Not expensive.”

Summer was a little surprised. This car was very rare.copy right hot novel pub