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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 629 Mysterious Power

Thoughts stormed in her mind, but she managed to control. She sneered, "Watch your tone. Are you bossing me around? Do you think I am your people like Jenny?"

Stanley was silent for a moment and chuckled, "Summer, why do you think like that? I only care about you. Leonardo is cunning and devious. I'm afraid that he will fool you."

Summer dissed back, "You're not much better than him."

Stanley managed a weak smile, "Forget it if you don't want to tell me. I won't force you. After all, we are friends. I won't control you like Leonardo did."

Summer sneered inwardly, but her tone sounded much softer.

She sighed and said helplessly, "Since you want to know so much, I'll tell you. You'll know it one day even if I don't tell you now."

"Don't overthink, Summer. I'm just worried about you."

Summer ignored Stanley's words, "Last night, Leonardo wanted to go to that town. I found it strange so I followed him to see what he was going to do."

"Then what did he do?" Stanley said eagerly.

Summer told him the excuse she had made up already, "He went there to pick up Kate."

They did pick up Kate. That was true. Stanley would get the same information. As for Rosie's whereabouts, they had always paid attention to it. Therefore, as long as Rosie did not go out, Stanley would not know it.

But now Rosie was back in Hoover City, Stanley would probably know soon.

Hearing what she said, Stanley's tone changed slightly, "Aren't Leonardo and Kate enemies now?"

"Who knows? Find out yourself if you want to know. I just want to get revenge on Leonardo. I have no interest in what happened between them."

After that, she hung up.

She pondered for a moment and looked up to see Leonardo not far away. She didn't know if he had heard her conversation with Stanley just now.copy right hot novel pub