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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 628 Know Their Schedule Inside and Out

Leonardo said nothing.

After a while, she realized he had no intention of saying more, so she added, "It's settled then? I'll go ask Kate what she thinks."

Leonardo did not object. Summer looked around for Kate.

Kate was sitting in front of the mirror holding her wig.

Every woman longed for being a beauty. Not to mention Kate who had had lived a lavish lifestyle.

Even if she was sick and lost most of her hair, she could use wigs, lots of wigs, long, short, straight and curly wigs.

Seeing Summer walking in, Kate put down the wig and asked, "What?"

Summer took a few steps forward and stopped close to Kate before she spoke.

"Leonardo and I are going back to Hoover City."

Kate froze slightly after what she said. Summer knew she was shocked.

Summer continued, "I want to take Rosie back with us."

"What do you mean? Why did you take Rosie away? She is fine here. Hoover City is not a good idea. It is so inconvenient."

"We are her parents. We should stay by her side now."

Kate couldn't find another reason to refute Summer.

"Well." Kate sighed slightly and nodded, "You're right. After all, she is your child. She should be with you."

Though Kate had tried her best to suppress her emotions, Summer still found a trace of disappointment in her eyes.

Kate's reactions didn't escape Summer's eyes.

But Summer only stood, saying nothing.

Summer then asked as if it was nothing, "What about you? Will you go back with us?"

Hearing Summer's words, Kate could no longer hide her surprise.

"Rosie was close to you these days. If you go back with her, she can see you every day, which might be helpful to her recovery."

It seemed Summer was talking nothing else but Rosie, but in fact, she was persuading Kate to go back with them.copy right hot novel pub